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Hannibal came out of the gate strong this spring, turning out to be one of the most creative and clever new TV shows of the year. Under the expert guidance of Bryan Fuller, the iconic horror character was given a fresh and exciting new interpretation, as we followed the fascinating dynamic between Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).
Playing an important role in the show is Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas), a protégé of Hannibal’s and colleague of Will’s who finds herself swept up in the macabre happenings that surround Lecter and Graham.
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Caroline Dhavernas talks about her roles in the new apocalyptic drama and the hit NBC series "Hannibal.”
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Caroline Dhavernas has done plenty of high-profile American projects and many homegrown productions, and she loves mixing it up like that.
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34-летняя уроженка Квебека актриса Каролин Даверна имеет более чем 25-ленюю карьеру по обе стороны американо-канадской границы.  Мы встретились с ней, когда она гостила в Монреале несколько дней, перед тем,  как отправиться в Торонто, чтобы сыграть в сериале Ганнибал, который выйдет зимой на канале NBC.
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На протяжении 12 лет Каролин Даверна  живет между Монреалем и Нью-Йорком, стараясь совмещать работу в интересных проектах. В ближайшие месяцы она будет занята на съемках пожалуй одного из самых важных проектов в своей жизни, в сериале Ганнибал, производства канала NBC.  Но актриса старается не ставить во главу угла заработок и славу.
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Directing death is easy. Directing comedy is hard. So when it came time to cast Surviving My Mother, a movie in which a woman deals with the loss of a parent by trying to learn more about her, um, adventurous 21-year-old daughter, Quebec filmmaker Emile Gaudreault knew what he wanted.
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Last week 22 million of you were properly introduced to actress Caroline Dhavernas But to a few million of us, "Off The Map" is her triumphant -- and long overdue -- return to television. See, Caroline amassed a deadly loyal fanbase back in 2004 thanks to Fox's wondrous "Wonderfalls." After it became one of the best Brilliant But Canceled shows off all time, Caroline took a little time off from the small screen to rest, recoup and recover.

Thankfully she's back with ABC's doctor drama as Lily, one of three recent jungle clinic transplants. I caught up with Caroline to talk all about tonight's episode, why she decided to return to television and the legacy "Wonderfalls" has left her with.
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The last time Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas headlined an American television series, 2004’s wonderfully quirky "Wonderfalls,” the network — we’re looking at you, Fox — yanked the program off the air after only four episodes. Dhavernas’ latest series, the tropical medical drama "Off the Map”, looks to have a longer on-air life.
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Hannibal (NBC)

Season 2: Feb. 28, 2014 on NBC
Role: Dr. Alana Bloom
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Mars et Avril
Release Date: october 2012
Role: Avril
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Goodbye World
Release Date: 2013
Role: Becky
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