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Mars et Avril / Марс и Апрель

Starring: Jacques Languirand, Caroline Dhavernas, Paul Ahmarani, Robert Lepage

synopsis:As Man is about to set foot on Mars, a small community of anticybernetics is busy trying to slow down time. Among them is JACOB OBUS (Jacques Languirand), an emblematic and beloved septuagenarian who creates captivating music on instruments inspired by the female body, designed by his friend ARTHUR (Paul Ahmarani). Once Jacob and Arthur fall in love with AVRIL (Caroline Dhavernas), a young and short-winded photographer, the old sex-symbol’s true nature is revealed. Upon discovering love for the first time in his life, Jacob leaves for Mars in search of his muse. In the midst of everything arrives EUGÈNE SPAAK (Robert Lepage), inventor, cosmologist and Arthur’s father, who maintains that Mars is only a chimera.
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Off the Map / Нет на карте / Без координат

2011, ABC

Starring: Jonathan Castellanos as Charlie, Valerie Cruz as Zitajalehrena Alvarez (Zee), Caroline Dhavernas as Lily Brenner, Jason George as Otis Cole, Zach Gilford as Tommy Fuller, Mamie Gummer as Mina Minard, Martin Henderson as Ben Keeton and Rachelle Lefevre as Ryan Clark.

synopsis:  Welcome to "la ciudad de las estrellas" (the city of stars), a tiny town in the South American jungle which has one understaffed, under-stocked medical clinic. That's where idealistic young Dr. Lily Brenner just landed, along with fellow doctors Mina Minard and Tommy Fuller. All of these young doctors are running away from personal demons, but they aren't the only ones with emotional baggage. Take the legendary and enigmatic Ben Keeton, who was the youngest Chief of Surgery at UCLA. He walked away from it all to found the clinic. Together with his right-hand doctor, Otis Cole, the mysterious Dr. Ryan Clark and local doctor Zita Alvarez, he'll teach the newcomers how to save lives in the most challenging environment they've ever worked in—while taking them on adventures of a lifetime.

In this ensemble drama, six doctors who have lost their way will go to the ends of the earth to try to remember the reasons why they wanted to become doctors in the first place.
Category: TV series | Views: 800 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2011-06-26 | Comments (0)

Wrecked / Крушение

Starring: Adrien Brody, Caroline Dhavernas, Ryan Robbins, Adrian Holmes, Jacob Blair

synopsis: A man awakens in a mangled car-wreck at the bottom of a steep cliff. Injured and trapped inside, with no memory of how he got there or who he is, he must rely on his most primal instincts to survive. But as he attempts to free himself from the carnage and escape an impossible situation, a darker side is revealed. Even if he manages to survive, the man may have to face the horrible consequences of an earlier, forgotten life.
Category: Movie | Views: 677 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2011-06-26 | Comments (0)

Devil / Дьявол

Starring: Chris Messina, Bojana Novakovic, Geoffrey Arend, Logan Marshall-Green, Bokeem Woodbine, Caroline Dhavernas (role: Elsa Nahai)

synopsis: Five strangers trapped in an elevator realize that one of them is the Devil in this thriller from director John E. Dowdle (Quarantine) and screenwriter Brian Nelson (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night). The first installment of "The Night Chronicles," a film series in which up-and-coming filmmakers bring to life stories conceived by M. Night Shyamalan, Devil opens to find five Philadelphia office workers filing into the elevator of an inner-city office building. But a typical day at the office takes a sudden detour into terror when the elevator becomes stuck between floors, and the passengers discover that the Devil does exist, and he's standing right before them. As emergency workers work frantically to free them, secrets are revealed and the passengers realize their only hope for survival is to confront their darkest sins in front of the others.
Category: Movie | Views: 929 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2011-06-26 | Comments (0)

The Switch / Больше чем друг

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis, Thomas Robinson, Caroline Dhavernas (role: Pauline)

synopsis: Kassie is a single woman who, despite her best friend Wally's objections, decides it's time to have a baby - with help from a sperm donor. But a last-minute switch is discovered seven years later when Wally gets acquainted with Kassie's son.
Category: Movie | Views: 781 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2011-06-26 | Comments (0)

The Pacific / На тихом океане (мини-сериал)

2010, HBO

episodes: 1x01 -Guadalcanal and 1x10 -Home
Caroline Dhavernas (role: Vera Keller)

The Pacific is a 10-part television World War II miniseries, produced by HBO, Seven Network Australia, Playtone and DreamWorks, that premiered in the United States on 14 March 2010.[2]

The Pacific is similar to the 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers. It focuses on the United States Marine Corps' actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations within the wider Pacific War. Whereas Band of Brothers followed one Army infantry company through the European Theater, The Pacific follows three marines (Eugene Sledge, Robert Leckie and John Basilone) in separate combat actions.
Category: TV series | Views: 1014 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2010-06-23 | Comments (1)

Law & Order: Criminal Intent / Закон и порядок: Преступные намерения (сериал)


episode: 09x07 - Love Sick
Caroline Dhavernas (role: Maya Sills)

Episode Summary: After two young girls are murdered and left in the street dressed as prostitutes, Nichols and Stevens must find the murders and why it happened.
Category: TV series | Views: 750 | Added by: kate-ksk | Date: 2010-06-23 | Comments (0)

One Last Dance / Последний танец

Starring: Anthony Lemke, Renée Girard, Dorothée Berryman, Caroline Dhavernas, (role: Young Norma)  Danny Gilmore.

synopsis: One Last Dance is a touching, surreal short film that deals with the impending death of a young man's grandmother, and his emerging awareness of his own mortality upon meeting her when she was 20 years old.
Category: Movie | Views: 1123 | Added by: Kate | Date: 2009-05-24 | Comments (0)

De père en flic / Father and Guns / Отец полицейского

Starring: Rémy Girard, Isabelle Champeau, Michel Côté, Caroline Dhavernas (role: Geneviève), Louis-José Houde

synopsis: They are father and son. They are both cops. And they are about to work together as a team. Trouble is... neither can stand the sight of the other.
Category: Movie | Views: 986 | Added by: Kate | Date: 2008-12-19 | Comments (0)

  Cry of the Owl / Крик совы

Starring: Paddy Considine, Julia Stiles, Caroline Dhavernas (role: Nickie Grace), Gord Rand, James Gilbert, Arnold Pinnock, R.D. Reid, Bruce McFee, Jennifer Kydd, Peter MacNeill, Krista Bridges, Jonah Allison, Karl Pruner.

synopsis: Moving out of the city to a new life in small town suburbia, Robert Forrester (Paddy Considine) hopes to forget the tumult of his impending divorce from the volatile Nickie Grace (Caroline Dhavernas) by keeping a low profile in a new job as an aeronautics engineer. But underpinning his newfound quiet life is a compulsion he cannot resist: each night as he drives home, he is drawn to a certain house. He stops his car, kills the headlights and walks in the dark until he's close enough to see into the illuminated windows. Though he doesn't know her name, he watches Jenny Thierolf (Julia Stiles) washing dishes, cooking, carrying out domestic chores. He takes solace from her normal life.

Category: Movie | Views: 1013 | Added by: Kate | Date: 2008-12-18 | Comments (0)

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